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We are on a mission to unite! We want to unite people, ideas, creativity and most importantly, taste.

We are striving to create the best experience for everyone involved in the creation of beer. From employee to customer.


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From GWB to HUB

During the construction of our second brewery, we decided to refresh our brand.

It started as a beer....

The Brewery

Our State of the art brewery was built by us in 2021.

It couldn't have been worse timing.

See what it consists of and what our capabilities are.


We built a Taproom so we could be closer to the community and see how our beer is being enjoyed in real-time. Our Pilot Kit will give us the ability to host special tasting events to extract some intuitive feedback from the wider community.



We drilled down to get 100% authentic Bristol water. We installed solar to offset our carbon footprint. All waste produced at the brewery is put back into the ecosystem through either cattle feed or fertilizer.

Quality Equipment

Our equipment has been custom made for us. It has allowed us to put in motion the plan to create all the sorts of beers that we could have only dreamt about at our previous location.


Canning, Bottling, Kegging, Casking

We now have the ability to package all of our beer in-house, including cans. In 2022 We purchased a brand new Wild Goose counter pressure filler, the first in its range and a new product for Wild Goose.

Our Goal

We are striving to be a great employer and a great place to work. We want to produce all types of beer that are as good as the best in their class. We want to give back to the community as much as we can, we want to unite people in taste.


Hop Union Brewery is an independent brewery in Bristol, UK. We started life in 2006 as a traditional cask beer brewery with open-top fermenters. After 16 years we decided to build a state-of-the-art brewery and refresh our brand.....


Established in 2006. Born in Bristol. Learn More.

United in taste.


(noun.) The act of uniting two or more things.




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