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About the Brewery

Welcome to Hop Union Brewery. Our new production Brewery, in Brislington, less than 3 miles from Bristol town centre, not only produces beer but has an industrial-style taproom overlooking it, creating a unique experience that couldn't be closer to the action.

The Taproom was finished in April 2022 and has 10 taps on the bar.


We source spring water from a borehole, which gives us consistent quality and a unique local taste. Quality is always on every brewer's mind, HUB is no different, so we source from sustainable suppliers that have a reputation for exceeding their competitors.


Hop Union Brewery & Taproom, 20 Bonville Rd, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5QH

About the Taproom

Feel closer to the action with a view of the brewery from your seat.


Our taproom will showcase our beers, but more importantly, it will give us an avenue to test the boundary of brewing. With our new pilot brewhouse, we will tweak existing beers and create new ones. With the help of the community, we will be holding blind tasting with sensory analysis cards. We will determine which new and existing recipes stand out and which ones are lacking in something. 


We will host live music, private functions and brewing courses.


Established in 2006. Born in Bristol. Learn More.

United in taste.


(noun.) The act of uniting two or more things.




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Hop Union Brewery & Taproom

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